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Set in the heart of the largest agricultural district in the province, the Fraser Valley, Aldergrove is famous for its raspberries, strawberries and cranberries. The latter can be seen floating in colorful rafts on hip deep water at harvest time. Large tracts of agricultural land are offset by groves of its namesake tree, the alder.

The fields make for excellent hot-air ballooning, there are numerous golf courses in the area and cyclists and in-line skaters will appreciate the paved, relatively vehicle free shoulders of Aldergrove’s back roads. The very impressive ice-clad peak of Mount Baker dominates the skyline to the southeast. Aldergrove Lake Provincial Park has 12 km of wooded trails.

The small community’s history and agriculture are celebrated in June at the Aldergrove Festival Days. There are several historical sites, including the Customs House and the Poppy Homestead. Aldergrove was home to Canada’s most famous train robber, Bill Miner, whose skills at eluding the law led to him being called the Grey Fox.

Aldergrove is home to the Greater Vancouver Zoo whose 120 acres support and protects 600 animals and 135 species, including large cats, artic wolf and hippopotamus.

The population of the urban area of Aldergrove is about 5000. Aldergrove is located on the Trans-Canada Highway 1 between Langley and Abbotsford, 59 km east of Vancouver. For travelers to and from the United States, Aldergrove is one of five Lower Mainland border crossings.

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