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Only minutes way from West Vancouver's shoreline the Horseshoe Bay B.C. Ferry terminal operates daily serve to Bowen Island's remote escape. Popular as a day trip location for local families to visit, this small pocket community hosts wonderful outdoor trails, lakes, streams, and natural parks.

Visitors can choose to bring their car or leave their cars on the mainland. However, one of the best methods of transportation and exploration of Bowen Island is by bicycle. By bicycle, day trippers can enjoy the fantastic trails that lead from Snug Coves' shoreline, through the wilderness across to Killarney Lake. Plan a picnic or to take some fish and chips to go!

The Steamship marina is a popular location for boaters who travel the coastal waters year round. Many local or visiting children can be spotted on the dock with their rods hoping to land a "big one", a setting reminiscent of the story book tales of Huckleberry Finn.

The local summer craft market and wilderness adventures such as cycling, kayaking and nature walks bring visiting residents off the mainland for weekend retreats. There is something for everyone, all ages and fitness levels, on Bowen Island.

Enjoy the quaint shops, restaurants and pubs in the historic buildings which charming and happy to serve visitors with plenty of time to catch the return ferry!

Population: 3,000

Crippen Park
Killarney Lake
The fish latter at Bridal Veil Falls
The old Union Steamship store, a tudor style building
The Annual Sun Market craft fair

Historical records by early European settlers around the late 1800's, indicate that First Nation People (Salish) constructed temporary seasonal shake dwellings and a smokehouse in Snug Cove. It had been said that First Nations tribal journeysmen arrived on the beach by big canoes, built fires, celebrated, and rested for their journey's return. Their intricate social systems established these purposeful journeys as hunting and collection for winter preparation, trade or transport to other villages. Permanent villages along the mainland and on larger islands made home to multiple tribal family members whose long log homes were built from hand-hewn west coast cedar logs and were mark by the totem pole family emblems.

Summer average 18 degrees Celsius
Winter average 5 degrees Celsius


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