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Luigia Zilli art

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Inspired by nature and the music, Luigia Zilli's works mostly depict memories from her native land and her past experiences: different cultures, traditions, colors and the beauty of all the regions is the common theme found throughout her paintings. The stories within the art, the texture, the warmth of their colors ranging from the hearty ones to the bright yellows and reds of the flowers fields, together with her popular bicycle art, is the signature of Luigia Zilliâs work.
I am also the official artist for the "Giro di Burnaby" bicycle race, creating its artistic look and the bronze trophy for the winners.I often like to include a bicycle in my works, I try to create sort of folkloristic scenes where the bicycle is one of the subjects, an important element in the composition. As I keep adding to the "bicycle art series" you will see any kind of different situations, that I've seen before or I just like to imagine, because for me the bicycle is a great inspiration, and I really like it!
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