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Pixel Perfect: Digital Art and Photography

Date: Tuesday Jun 18, 2024 - Sunday Jul 07, 2024

Community: Victoria

In a first for the Gage Gallery Arts Collective the main gallery of 19 Bastion Square will be devoted to works created with digital tools and then made physically present in print.

Artists have been using tools since the first application of paint blown on a cave wall to outline a handprint. New technologies and aids, from the availably of paint in tubes or acrylic mediums have all influenced the works created. Photography and now digital tools are commonly used by artists in the process of creating drawings, paintings prints and sculpture. In this show these tools move from a supporting role to center stage.

Each artist brings their unique perspective to the exhibition: McCarthy's digital works incorporate her own photography into digital art using Photoshop. This is a continuation of work done in the late 70’s when she used non-silver photographic methods and acrylic paint. She works primarily with the Adobe digital tools.

‘For me it is like having a full studio and print shop compressed onto a table top. The only thing missing is etching, and the physical feel of the laden paintbrush hitting an absorbent rag paper. I’ll frequently have 3 screens open and of course my Wacom tablet and stylus to let me draw or paint digitally ‘says McCarthy.

Delany an award-winning photographer and artist, and digital painter, utilizes photographs, digital painting tools primarily found on iPads and a painter’s sensibility. Delany was recently was awarded The Gold medal for the Colour competition by CAPA (Canadian Association for Photographic Art) which showcases her multi media digital artworks.

Delany says ‘Coming from a fine art background, I have over 35 years of experience running an art business. Digital art is a powerful tool that can be implemented any where any time without the need to carry traditional art tools with you. It is mobile and powerful .’

Recently retired astronomer Crabtree, being no stranger to technology, presents his skills using Adobe and Topaz tools. In this exhibit he’ll be showing photographs as well as images where patterns are created with folding and repetition.

Dennis says "I was delighted to be asked to exhibit at the Gage and show work to a broader audience. This is encouraging me to explore the expanding range of tools available, as well as study more art history. Art History is a first for me.’


Contact Info:
Dennis Crabtree, 2508895265, Click here to send an email

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