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Harrison Hot Springs, just south of Hope, is home to its two famous, name credited, hot springs - one with waters of sulphur content that reaches temperatures of forty degrees Celsius, and the other which contains potash that reaches temperature of sixty-five degrees Celsius. The lake used to be a arm of the Pacific ocean, which time and receding waters created as an unique tidal pool home to certain sea life, including harbour seals and fossils.

For the year round warm waters, Harrison Hot Springs has become an internationally known resort destination with terrific services, great amenities, luxurious experiences, and stunning wilderness adventures that boast fabulous trout fishing.

Population: 1,500+

World Champion Sand Sculpture Classic - early September
Harrison Festival of the Arts - July
Days of Wine & Roses - June
Oktoberfest - October
Kilby Historic Store and Farm
Hemlock Valley Ski Resort
Village Heritage Walk
Sasquatch Provincial Park - mountain goat sightings

The Coastal Salish First Nations were, and are, the original inhabitants of much of British Columbia's coast line. The local Salish aboriginals, for many centuries, used this area as a place to heal the "body and spirit". Somewhere they could rest and soak war wounds or tired traveling aches. The lake was a well-known canoe route for the natives of the area.

The springs were not discovered by other foreign European settlers or prospectors until the late 1800's, when three prospectors, who had been out at the gold field returned from a long day. After crossing the lake they struck shore and one was suddenly jolted from their canoe into the cold glacier-fed lake waters. However, when he sprang forth from under the water, he shouted to everyone's surprise, "It's warm!"

From 1858 until the mid 1860s the lake played part in the Cariboo gold-rush, offering a route for the sternwheeler traffic that came up the Fraser and Harrison rivers, transporting goods and passengers.

Harrison Lake and river were named after, Benjamin Harrison, a Deputy Governor of the Company, by Simon Fraser of the Hudson Bay Company in 1846.

Summer average 19 degrees Celsius
Winter average 6 degrees Celsius


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