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This extraordinary landmark of World Renowned fishing at its finest is rightfully proclaimed the “Steelhead Capital of Canada”. Fishing aficionados adore the conveniences of the wide network of streams and lakes.

All visitors can enjoy the wild-lands, mountain scenery and valleys. Nestled between Bulkley and Morice River Valleys many come to enjoy the natural beauty of exploring the water ways by boat or shore side. The Houston Info Centre produces pamphlets you can pick up during your visit that outline the fishing hot spots. Passing by the World’s Largest Fly Fishing rod you can stake claim in one centimeter of shares if you wish to own a small piece of this unique monument to the town’s focal tourism generator. Houston is also home to the World’s Largest Sawmill, a sign of the town’s historical past contributions to BC’s lumber industry.

Today, Houston has over 400 businesses, from shops and restaurants to real estate and banking. There is plenty to do with the family and if you are a wilderness buff, Houston may be a close to heaven as you will get!

Population: 4,000+

Agriculture of
Largest Fly Rod
Bulkley River
Morice River
China Nose Mountain - black bears, eagles, deer, and mountain goats
Nadina Mountain
Owen Lake
Smithers Resort - local skiing / snowboarding

For thousands of years the clans of the Wet'suwet'en Indians occupied the north central region around the area we call Houston today. Specifically, there is historical evidence leading to two First Nations tribes, the "Babines" and the "Carriers", who lived nomadic lives. Their survival depended on thriving during the migration of animals, seasonal fish stocks in the rivers and lakes, and the weathers ever changing seasons. Trees provided the sources of shelter and materials from which they engineered carvings, poles, weapons, tools and other ware.

Later, after the white settlers emerged, in the late 1800's, Houston was established (early 1900’s) as a settlement and played a pivotal role in the development of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. Houston’s residents were employed and responsible for cutting the ties that held the rails in place. Being that the manufacturing for the railways and mining kept the town alive it was incorporated as a village in 1957.

Summer average 20 degrees Celsius
Winter average -4 degrees Celsius

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