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Driving through British Columbia travelers find some of the most extreme natural vistas and that is precisely what has kept this tiny community on the map for so many years. Kootenay Bay, tuck away among huge mountains and off the beaten path, welcomes the tourism drawn to its peaceful getaways, endless beauty and wilderness exploration.

A half days drive from either side of BC or the US boarder places visitors in Kootenay Bay. The access from around the lake is provided by ferry service, which is provided by the province of British Columbia Highway services for free. Day trips are great and onboard restaurant facility is available.

Plan your journey around the Kootenay Lake and spend time enjoying the rural community life, creeks & trails, fishing, kayaking and wetland tours available out of Kootenay Bay. There is a good chance visitors will also find themselves in the presence of any of the two hundred and fifty species of feathered friends, a moose, an otter, an elk, a big horned sheep, a deer, or (from a distance preferably) bear or coyote.

The surrounding lakeside communities are also close enough to day trip out from Kootenay Bay and almost all the services, stores and supplies visitors may need are available on a small town scale, of course.

Population: 100

Local arts: glassblowing, painting and soaps
Wetland & Eco tours
Lake Kayaking
Camping (warmest weather June & August)
Golf or Fishing Day trips
Free Ferry Service

Things To Bring:
Be sure to follow camping guidelines for managing waste materials and food preparation in prevention of attracting wildlife to your camp ground.

Summer average 18 degrees Celsius (warmest time June & August)
Winter average 0 degrees Celsius
Located on the Interior Rain Belt, account for varied weather.


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