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Cowichan Lake Visitor/Business Centre

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Take a deep breath and fill your senses with oxygen and energy. Gone are the fumes of city traffic, and the visual chaos of industry and commerce. In their place are the fresh scents of the wilderness, the scenic riches of nature, and the warmth of the people you'll encounter along the way, as you begin your adventure in Cowichan and beyond.

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125C South Shore Rd., Box 824, Lake Cowichan , V0R2G0, British Columbia
(250) 749-3244   Fax (250) 749-0187

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Due to COVID-19 we had to shut down and work from home, we are coming back and as we re-start you will notice that we will have shorter working hours inside the building and restrictions on how many can come in at one time. Posters will be placed on the entrances/exits and in the windows, we have social distancing markers on the floor, shields around our desks, the staff and volunteers will wear face shields both for your protection and theirs. We have in place alcohol free sanitize stations at the entrances/exits and at the desks. Our restart date is Monday June 29th, 2020 11:00am to 4:00pm Welcome back 250-749-3244