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Langara Island summons fishing enthusiasts from all over the globe and of all skill levels. The most important piece of luggage would have to be your lucky fishing reel! Men and women who make fishing a true sport enjoy the remote splendor which the scenery and accommodations provided here. Whether you choose to stay aboard sport yachting vessels, enjoy casting over the side of your own private charter, or waking up to the shore side of an exclusive bed and breakfast you have the pick of world class fishing pleasures. Accessible only by plane or boat the experiences Langara offers are serenity, successful fishing and spectacular opportunities to spy on the largest mammals in the ocean, the Orca residents who travel in pods of possibly 10 or more.

Langara is the most northern island of the naturally stunning 150 densely forested Queen Charlotte Islands. Much of the remote Queen Charlotte Islands are untouched. However, in the passage ways the island’s play a significant role in protecting the great numbers of fishing adventurers of the past and sport and commercial fishermen today from the treacherous rocky shores with lighthouses, built to protect vessels from running aground. Such is the story of a finely restored old lighthouse at the Southern tip of Langara.

The various ways you can take in the beauty of crystal sparkling water range from; motorized private charters, sailboat expeditions, by flight tours, helicopter, paddling under your own man power via kayak and group adventures aboard a first class floating hotel. Plan to find Chinook, plenty, during the summer and after mid-September you would want to venture south of the island where the season ends with wild Coho. Red snapper and Halibut fish are also commonly reeled in. Want to plan on catching Chinook? Apparently the secret bait is herring?

Few places on earth offer access to such remote wilderness. If you would like to take time to heli-hike or camp be sure to bring the appropriate attire and gear. Others may prefer to catch crab, bird watch, kayak, or relax. Simply keep an eye out for other varieties of marine life or shore side for black bears, deer, sea otters and the majestic bald eagle.

Streams, which are navigated best by boat or easily reached by helicopter, are full of Dolly and Cutthroat fish. Wade in! The water is fine!

Population: 460

Originally, Langara was inhabited by only the First Nations, Haida, until the late 1700’s and was the origin of the west coast’s first seal fur trading sites after the arrival of European explorers, including the famous discoverer Captain Cook.

Summer average 18 degrees Celsius
Winter average 4 degrees Celsius


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