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Because of the Malahat's elevation visitors passing along the Island Highway may have certain vantage points covered in low cloud, however most days observers can see far over the edges of the Saanich Pennisula to the Strait of Georgia or back towards the City of Victoria. With the number of different passage ways and islands scattered in the strait the view is boggling! So many islands, so much green forest - all in one place. The view certainly upholds to the coastal expression - Welcome to Lotus Land.

Bus service up island and the island railway take passengers through most parts of the small towns and the Malahat. Specific tours to stop along these locations can also be booked from Victoria's central downtown bus station.

Ocean charters can be guided to all areas around Vancouver Island, day trips or sailing. Kayakers with strong skills for navigating the ocean waters may also find this area a great two day trip around the bottom of Vancouver Island.

Population: 250+

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Named after the Malahat First Nation, this area is a sacred place and home to Thunderbird and other legendary beings. Malahat Mountain (or Yaas as the elders refer to it as) is deeply linked to their concept of "tcelengam", which in the Sencoten language means ”teaching of the places where you come from”. And in their view this spiritual landscape will provide for both physical and spiritual well-being.

Today the Malahat Drive, originally a cattle drive cut through in 1861, is now a paved route (as of 1911) with several look out points and is part of the Island Highway out of the southern island city of Victoria.

Summer average 19 degrees Celsius
Winter average 3 degrees Celsius


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