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The romance of the Queen Charlotte Islands to an outdoor enthusiast is endless and Masset hosts several tour, charter, and adventure companies to meet almost any request. Especially inviting nature trails for hiking, island golfing, camping, fresh water fishing, and ocean bound vessel tours are prime daily activities conducted by both visitors and locals.

For entertainment, Masset is home to genuine home cooked meals, meals to go, and grill houses to satisfy a broad range of taste from the local restuarants. There is also a wide collection of artists living among the community's inspirational settings that participate in their own home studio tours, local galleries, and events.

Visitors can gain access to Graham Island and Masset can be made by private boat, vehicle ferry, and air (complete airstrip/airport).

Population: 900+

Masset Habour Days - May long weekend
Yakoun River
Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary
Dixon Entrance Maritime Museum

The Queen Charolette Islands are part of what the First Nations called the Haida Gwaii, the old Haida village lays a few kilometers from Masset.

In the traditionals stories of the Haida, the name "Masheet" stems from the death of an officer, Masseta, who arrived off one of the first European ships to reach the shores of the Haida Gwaii to be buried on a smaller nearby island. Their difficulting is saying his name with the extra "a" sound shortened the name for the new village of settlers to Masset. This name was recognized by Dawson, a geologist in the late 1800's.

Summer average 19 degrees Celsius
Winter average 2 degrees Celsius


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