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Fixed among the Comox Glacier, Forbidden Plateau, Mount Washington and the Pacific Ocean is not a bad place to be. Avid golfers, skiers, snowboarders, snowmobile enthusiasts, sailors, sports fishermen, and outdoor campers or RV snowbirds love the retreat experiences and settling sounds of adventure.

Driving the Trans Canada Highway on Vancouver Island, north or south bound, can take travelers to the heart of the valley where many scenic day trips to the water's edge, or to a climactic peak of downhill terrain. Winter brings all the imaginable snow sports and recreational activities. The summer allows long day hikes and outdoor star gazing evenings by flashlight or camp fire.

The dense wilderness and spectacular scenery also makes Merville part of the island chain of art studios, all indicated by road sign "A" (blue signs) mark the turns off the highway and major roads. Visiting is suggested for Saturdays and week days between regular work hours.

Population: 2,069

Seal Bay Regional Nature Park
Miracle Beach Provincial Park
Puntledge River Estuary
Black Creek

Along the Puntledge River, the surrounding area of Comox has long been home to the Comox Salish nation, the Kwakwala Tribe for centuries following the ice age. Clearly apart of the community today and made reference to with artifacts and more in the Comox Museum.

Named after the town where the Canadian Head Quarters was located in France during World War I, Merville originally was populated by the first white settlers when soldiers were relocated with their families after the war by the Canadian government.

Summer average 18 degrees Celsius
Winter average 2 degrees Celsius


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