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Dick VanderEyk

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[Artists & Fine Art Artisans, Wood carving/turning]
âHarmonious Twins â

The âHarmonious Twinsâ is sculpted from sapodilla wood, , originating from the city of Pasuruan in East Java, Indonesia. This particular piece (approx. 1.50 high)is but a branch of a massive fruit tree of at least 20 meters high and with a circumference of about 4 meters.

Dick had asked if he could have the branch, noticing that it was dying off. As soon as his helper placed the handsaw on the wood, both were painfully surprised to discover that the inside contained a large beehive - - -
People forced the bees to move by smoking out the hive with smoldering coconut husk first before it could be cleaned and made ready for carving.
The wood is as hard as ebony and is quite resistant to white-ant and polishes wonderfully.

The sculpture signifies the dual personalities so many of us live with; one is our true self and the other the way we portray ourselves to the outside world. In this piece these two characteristics have found a happy balance, i.e., harmony.
As this is one reality Dick is very conscious of, he was highly inspired when sculpting this marvelous piece of art.
Asking price: $6,450 (Canadian currency)

VanderEyk Fine Art
Spiritual Strength

Some years ago, sculptor Dick J. VanderEyk lived in Papua New Guinea and when he recently was given a larger piece of red cedar he had a flashback to those days in Madang and the Sepik.
As an artist, Dick was (is) extra sensitive to the influences of the local believes and cultures and has taken a great interest in the primitive art produced by the Ramu and Sepik river tribes.

Each tribe has its own beliefs and the people recognize spirits, deities, totems and ancestors unique to their clans. What Dick carved from the large piece of cedar is not specific to any particular tribe; rather it is what he remembered of the various carvings he saw and owned once (and donated to the museum of the University of Victoria). NB: the footing is made of yellow cedar.

Dick: âThis Spiritual Strength sculpture shall ward off the influences of unfriendly spirits. The form is stylized and tends towards expressionism because the spirit world is felt or dreamed, not seen.
Whether this perception is acceptable, anthropologically or otherwise, is up to the individual observerâ
Asking price CAD$ 2,150

August, 2005
âNo Matter What - -?!â
This sculpture is 87 cm (34²) high and has been created in Surabaya, Indonesia, during Dickâs stay there. The sculpture is about a woman who is refusing to be troubled with the nastier aspects of life. No matter what grave situation may befall her, she is convinced that âthis too will passâ; she will radiate this inner confidence, smiling.
Asking price CAD$ 845.-

VanderEyk Fine Art
âExotic Dreamsâ
This 90 cm (3 feet) tall sculpture has been created in Surabaya, Indonesia, during Dickâs stay there. The sculpture is about a womanâs independence, about her right to act without too many restrictions set by tradition or custom. Her body-language speaks for itself while the lizard, eel and bird symbolize the thought-provoking dreams she has.
Price for "Exotic Dreams" is CAD$ 890.-

"Tranquility" was painted when Dick lived in Surabaya, East Java. Inspiration came when, one day, Dick's wife brought home several wonderful hand-painted batik and draped it over the furniture - - - simply hypnotizing! Inspired, this painting came about after the artist visited a batik studio in central Java.
Asking price USD$ 2,100

VanderEyk Fine Art

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