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Tulifanya Studio, Beverley Peden

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[Artists & Fine Art Artisans, Oil painting, Printmaking]
"Adams Tomb"
24" x 24"
Mixed media on Canvas
In the main church of Lalibela, Ethiopia, it is believed if you lay on your back and lift a large wooden dowel three times from the depression in the earth which represents Adam's tomb, using only four fingers and no thumb, you are a person of virtue. It is a fascinating thought that our virtue can be so easily obtained.
30" x 40"
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
"Exposing Walter"
6" x 9"
It is with regret that Walter's limited edition sold out. He is, truly, a fine Wart Hog.
12" x 12"
Etching, Alle Poupie
Limited Edtion of 30
Memories of the original Tulifanya Gallery in Uganda, which was a gallery and framing shop.
6" x 9"
Etching Alle Poupie
Limited Edition of 30
Ethiopian Backstrap weaver.

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