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Horst Loewel

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Beethoven, Oil on Canvas

Horst Loewel was born in Hannover, Germany. He studied philosophy, biology, geography and art in Bonn, Munster, and Cologne. Currently living in Qualicum Beach, on Vancouver Island, B.C., Horst is a representative of the phantastic, surrealistic school of art. He indulges in painting cosmic dreamy landscapes full of symbolics, and yet performed in the most accurate and naturalistic style of the old masters. His paintings are visions of a dreamlike, unreal and unlimited world of imagination presented with a great feeling for perspective and space. The works of Horst Loewel tend to glorify nature and cosmos, while human beings appear to play a subordinate role.

Since 1969, Horst has participated in solo and collective exhibitions in Europe, America and Japan, including the cities of: Cologne, Hamburg, Zurich, Paris, Bonn Stuttgart, Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf, Antwerpen, Monte Carlo, Montpellier, Puerto de la Cruz, Athens, Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, Boston, and Tokyo, Victoria.

Paintings and sculptures of Horst Loewel are permanently exhibited in:
Gallery La Colombe, Tenerife
Galerie Kocken, Kevelaer/ Rheinland - Germany
Fran Willis Gallery, Victoria, BC - Canada
The big Tree
Oil on Canvas
Horst's Art shows incredible Talent and is statement to the humans...... to take care of our only earth we have.

The rose Telephone
Oil on Canvas
Picture in Picture from Horst G. Loewel
Revolutinary style to paint.
Oil and Gold on Wood
shows the chaos on the outside and the harmony and beauty in the center.

Oil, Gold on board
These works are currently exhibited at Fran Willis Gallery in Victoria, BC.
Garden Installation

Contact Horst Loewel

2255 Widgeon Road, Qualicum Beach, V9K 1Y2, British Columbia
250 382 8778   Fax 250 382 8778

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