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Enjoying the rugged Sunshine Coast is a truly unfolding experience of many of natures finest gifts. This area has one keen highlight among many that stands out as unique and tranquil, Roberts Creek. Visitors can plan a day of quaint shops and galleries, or participating in community activities that are available year round. However, the forest trails and parks are a wonderful feature and should not be missed. Shoreside, guests can discover lovely beaches and experience kayaking or moor their boats to come inland for some friendly hospitality.

Camp, hike, golf, or stroll. Visiting Roberts Creek is memorable and holds historic treasures.

Population: 2,000

Cliff Gilker Park
Flume Road Park
Golf Course
Camp Grounds for the whole family
Hall Dances

The Coast Salish First Nation tribe of the shishalh people resided in the area on the Sunshine Coast we now know as Roberts Creeks. These ancient tribal members referred to Roberts Creek as "hwah-sam", which means big fat salmon!

Following the arrival of Spanish Captians and British Captain Vancouver, the first white settler here to stake claim to his crown grant was Thomas William Roberts, in 1889. He and his family, who arrived a year later, played an enormous roll in the small communities early history, hence, the name Roberts Creek.

Summer average 18 degrees Celsius
Winter average 3 degrees Celsius
(Coastal rainforest conditions can see frequent rainfall however, mist and cool nights offer refreshing mornings! Snow falls generally only at higher elevations.)


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