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Deborah Strong

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Fur or feathers, hooves or paws, from four-legged companions to elusive wild creatures, animals fascinate Deborah and fuel her creative passion. A life-long artist, she has been developing her skills since she could first hold a pencil. She has formal training in both Fine Arts and Graphic Design, and is a signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Deborah's art speaks from her heart and from her own encounters with animals and birds. She works in two media: creating lifelike coloured pencil drawings and vibrant paintings on silk. Her drawings emphasise realism and fine detail while her silk paintings come to life through simplified forms and luminous, flowing colour.

A lifetime spent in southwestern BC has given her an affinity for the region's creatures and natural beauty. Travels abroad have served to broaden her scope while strengthening her appreciation for the planets diversity. She divides her time between Surrey and Mayne Island.
Coloured Pencil Drawings

Highly detailed and technically accurate, Deborah's coloured pencil drawings reflect her interest in animals and the natural world, with a particular focus on birds. Her drawing "Solitary Steller's Jay", pictured above, was awarded first prize at the Coloured Pencil Society of Canada's exhibition (2012)
Silk Paintings

Deborah's lively silk paintings are sometimes described as "whimsical" and, as with all her art, focus on animals and nature. It's an unusual medium with some of the qualities of watercolour but with a lot more "oomph". The translucent silk fibres make the colourful dyes sing!
Pictured above: "Horse of Another Colour", available in prints and art cards.
Animal Portraits

For more than 25 years Deborah has been creating lifelike portraits of dogs, cats and horses, to the delight and satisfaction of her clients. Her goal is always to capture the animal's physical appearance and infuse it with spirit. Her cat Archie, pictured above, is a fine example of her work.
Art Classes and Workshops

Deborah enjoys sharing her knowledge of coloured pencil and hand painted silk. Her popular classes and workshops have attracted participants from across Canada an beyond!

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