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Ron Unruh Studio Gallery

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I walked around and inside the “Church in the Vineyard” and then positioned myself here in the vineyard to look back at Saint Jacques Le Majeur church located in Hunawihr, Alsace, France. The painting itself is 18 x 24 inches, oil; it is available for purchase; the size makes this an impressive piece. Available. $650 unframed. Framed it will be exquisite.
I loved the deep colours of these grapes, and with the richness of the background, the contrast to much fun to pass up. The vibrancy of colours says 'Autumn.' This is oil on canvas and is 11X14 inches & framed. It is $400 unframed and $450 framed.
“Going Nowhere”. It’s oil on 16X20 inch canvas. This lovely stationary rusty bike had become a display for les fleur, at a florist in the town of Ile La Sorgue in France along the canal that characterizes the town. I enjoyed the interplay of shadows in the afternoon sun and as we walked I stopped to take a few reference photos, knowing that I would have to paint the bike I dubbed ‘going nowhere.’ $600.00
Christine and I did one of our classic staycations one day, driving across the border, using I5 until Hwy 20 or Memorial Drive to Fidalgo Island which naturally takes us to the top of Whidbey Island. Whidbey is a grand drive in an open sportscar, which pulls easily to the side anywhere for a longer look at any scene that seizes attention. We could have, perhaps should have overnighted but we didn’t. Nevertheless, we went to the very southern tip of the island and from west to east, stopping at lovely beaches and lookouts and country shops, and dining places, and at one location, Possession Point, Christine went for a long walk through pools of seawater while I took in the subjects for painting, and this is one result.
11X14 in oil on canvas, $300.00
‘THERE SHE GOES,’ a 14X18 oil on canvas, so named because each morning in the town of Riquewihr, Alsace, France, these two men sat together for an espresso, a smoke and some conversation, and on this day, I saw them watching a young woman walking down the street. They both gazed silently, then turned to one another, and said nothing, took a drag on their cigarettes and then talked about their neighbour’s new tractor. It’s been sixteen months since Christine and I were there. I wish I was there again. $450.00 unframed

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Thank you for visiting this glimpse of my gallery. Enjoy your look around. Subjects of my paintings are the people and places of my life. Mountains are in view and the Pacific Ocean is a few minutes from my home studio. On the way to the beach I drive through agricultural land reserve with produce and hobby farms, blueberry fields, cranberry bogs, vineyards and flourishing wineries. Occasionally I paint a scene from one of my international trips.
Some of the paintings in this current series are available for purchase. A few are already in private collections. They are modestly priced. Own an original, see the textures, the brush strokes, the vivid colours. Imagine a painting in one of your rooms. Frame the painting to suit your decor. Contact Ron to arrange for a purchase, pickup or shipping.
Phone: 604-530-0532; Email: