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The virtues of Tahsis were first realized when native settlement began on the site 4000 years ago. Remnants of the once great civilizations that dominated the area are still to be found when exploring Northwest Vancouver Island.

Set between ocean and mountain, Tahsis’ position at the head of a Norwegian-like fjord offers protection from the wildest elements of the northern Pacific Ocean, yet the stunning outer coast is a short boat trip away on the scenic waterway. Snow covered peaks rise at the head of the inlet to the east and open skies beckon to the west.

At the edge of a great land-sea wilderness, Tahsis is a worthwhile destination; it has the virtue of being accessible, yet far enough from civilization to immerse visitors and residents in a marine and mountain wilderness.

Old growth forests still line many of the mountainsides and deep valleys. Abundant winter rains feed large, crystal clear rivers, streams and lakes; summers are often sunny for long periods as the North Pacific high settles over the area.

Tahsis is well known as an international destination for salmon and halibut fishing. There are many fishing charter operators and others that will take visitors on wildlife and eco-centered tours. Marine life includes Orca whales, Gray and Humpback whales, dolphin, river and sea otters and sea lions.

While on tour, you will probably catch glimpses of black bear foraging the beaches and riverbanks and the lucky few may even see cougar or wolf. For those who like to tour beneath the waves, the diving opportunities in Tahsis are excellent, winter and summer. Fresh water fishing is also excellent and can be easily accessed alone or in the company of a guide.

The west coast of Vancouver Island is world famous for ocean kayaking and there is no better place to begin your trip than in Tahsis. Enjoy the sheltered fjord lands as you make your way to the open coast. Spelunking (caving) is also becoming ever more popular in the karst regions of northern and central Vancouver Island.

Accommodations include cottage rentals, guesthouses, lodges and RV facilities.

Tahsis is 300 km in a direct line north of Victoria. It is a 2.5 hour drive from Campbell River. Alternatively, you can begin your trip in Gold River and take the Uchuck III ferry that provides a year-round service for the west coast communities in Nootka Sound including Yuquot (Friendly Cove), Tahsis and Kyuquot. Throw your kayak or bike on board and come explore the wild, west coast.

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