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It is no wonder that when you arrive you feel as if you a linked to nothing and everything all at once. Firstly, there is the feeling of seclusion. Telegraph Cove is subject to very limited telephone intervention or television access. Secondly, you feel relieved to be out of reach and totally immersed in beautiful surroundings, great ocean views and a natural vibration.

This region of coast line thrives with sea life. Migrating resident Orca where earlier recorded and studied in the area. Most travelers who came to the cove became curious of the sightings. It is no surprise, that the first tour company of its kind would pop up in Telegraph Cove.

The marina is a staple business centre and moorage for weary boaters, captains and leisure yachters. However, the pillared heritage building along its edge may be just one of the many reasons visitors come here. The sight is colourful and worthy of a keepsake photograph.

The watery shores are home to dozens of other sea creatures including; sea lions, porpoises, harbour seals, and abundant fish stock - halibut, salmon, sockeye and Coho.

Johnstone Strait Whale Interpretive Centre
Robson Bight
The Broughton Archipelago
Fresh Seafood

Established in 1912, as a base for the Air Force during World War Two. Telegraph Cove, British Columbia was potentially a prime location for many more opportunities, which later brought big business to what was once a one-room communication station. The cove later grew into a fish saltery / cannery and then a booming sawmill. The mill began a site to constructed boxes for shipping the salmon to distant market places for commercial sale. The businesses have run here hand-in-hand ever since.

Summer average 18 degrees Celsius
Winter average 4 degrees Celsius


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