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Chelsey's Art Studio, Chelsey Dollman

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[Artists & Fine Art Artisans, Oil painting, Photography]
Art is something which is subjective, it means something different to each viewer. I've developed a technique of working with motion and abstraction in a way which the viewer still recognizes the subject matter, however, it is abstracted with use of colour and texture. The thick impasto texture is the most evoking part of the piece itself.
The series of Abstract paintings is something which I experimented with in many different ways. One of my paintings, I incorporated Cinnamon and Cocoa powder, as a way of adding texture. The fascinating thing is that when you go up to the piece, you get a faint scent of cinnamon, like baking gingerbread in the kitchen.
Using motion is a skill which I have refined in order to captivate the viewer. I incorporate a hint of abstraction with it. This particular piece is an aerial view of Mexican women dancing, their skirts swirling as they twirl. It's a work of art but also an amazing conversation piece.

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#35-3025 Cowichan Lake Rd, Duncan, v9l4b5, British Columbia
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