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Catherine Clarke

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[Artists & Fine Art Artisans, Acrylic painting, Pastel painting, Quilting, Water colour painting]
I love colour and love to paint - intensely and with passion, often in abstract form.
I enjoy the experience of sharing my art with others.

Beauty in all its forms is my inspiration.

The mediums I use are acrylic, oil pastel, watercolour and fabric.

In this acrylic painting, stars whiz, comets soar and nature plays in a night celebration of cosmic joy.

The beauty of the Southern Gulf Islands of BC is captured in abstract form using Acrylics.

"Campbell Bay", Mayne Island
Bits and pieces of crockery and tile make a pleasant border for the mirror.
Using watercolours to paint abstract art led me to use techniques and brushes to create a new look - allowing for fine detail, vibrant colours and softness - not as easily achieved with acrylics.
Creating quilts that reflect my love of nature and colour brings me joy.

Robins are my favourite Canadian bird, they hold a special place in my heart.

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177-4438 West 10th Ave, Vancouver, V6R 4R8, British Columbia

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