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Acrylic painting in Whistler

Artist, Debra MacArthur, Whistler

Artist, Debra MacArthur, Whistler

Inspired by the natural beauty outside her door, Debra's work is primarily Whistler landscapes, with images of what she likes to call accessable wilderness. Places easy to get to but not by car!

Whistler, V0N1B8, 8170 Muirfield Cres
Ph. 6049380168

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Tassila Elizabeth, Whistler

Tassila Elizabeth, Whistler

Tassila Elizabeth is an artist in pemberton and Whistler, BC. The nature and beauty surrounding her hometown inspires her paintings. Her main composition is contemporary, focusing on nature, with a play of the abstract.


(Artists & Fine Art Artisans, Acrylic painting)

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