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In summer, visitors float down the rivers on inner tubes, and in the fall, the area is particulary lovely as stands of Tamarack turn gold. It is one of the stops along the famous Kettle Valley Railway, now clear of tracks, popular for cycle touring and hiking, and a part of the 18,000 kilometer Trans Canada Trail. It is also a favourite stop for motorcyclists who favour the pleasing curves of Highway 33. Beaverdell was one of many silver producing towns in central BC for which the railway was built, but is now partially supported by logging. The Beaverdell Hotel, the oldest continuously operating hotel in BC, offers wintertime accommodation for snowmobilers and skiers, who can take a short drive to the second biggest ski resort in BC, Big White.

A Dell is an old name for a small wooded valley, so it is easy to see how Beaverdell might have got its name; but its name actually came from the amalgamation of two small towns, Beaverton and Rendell, that contracted to become Beaverdell in 1901.


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