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Travel to the remote village of Bella Bella was once extremely limited, however today visitors can arrive by air or water. This revived village is the largest central starting point of central islands area (between Powell River and Prince Rupert) with ferry and air travel out of Port Hardy.

Pleasure boaters and day-trippers who arrive by ferry service will enjoy the rustic, untamed beauty carved out in sheltered bays, inlets, beaches, old-growth forests, and rocky hoodoo shoreline. Visitors can discover the many beaches which make wonderful locations for long walks, beachcombing, and swimming.

When arriving by boat or ferry, caution is taken to slow down in the presence of whales and must keep a respectful distance to the great Orcas who migrate through the famous Inside Passage around Bella Bella. Cameras and binoculars are key travel equipment in these parts!

The wildlife truly makes Bella Bella a memorable lifetime experience. The rivers and ocean provide excellent fishing opportunities. The ocean is home to several species of salmon, and the fresh water angling can reap various types of trout. Which, of course, also makes Bella Bella a popular home for several other large ocean creatures such as; hump-back whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals, wolves, eagles and grizzly bear.

Population: 1,400

McLoughlin Bay
The Heiltsuk Native interpretive centre and big house explain the history of their people - located in McLoughlin Bay (arrival terminal for ferry service).

A tranquil community on neighboring Denny Island, serviced by water taxi, features moorage for pleasure boaters, services and bed & breakfasts. (5 kilometers from Bella Bella.)

BC Ferries' Discovery Coast Passage Route
Operate through the months of June to September only via the 'Queen of Chilliwack'.

The Great Bear Rainforest

Bella Bella and Campbell Island are the original home of the Heiltsuk Nation, which have thrived here for thousands of years. Other bands from the interior and coastal nations also used the area around the islands and the Sunshine Coast/mainland to hunt and fish. Most were in the area on a temporary basis during peak migration or salmon fishing seasons. They would also often collect local berries for storage. The main method of transportation around the waters was by carved west coast cedar canoe. Currently, there are approximately twenty-two hundred members of Heiltsuk Nation in the area - twelve hundred living on the Campbell Island reserve and an approximate one thousand members living on neighboring islands.

Summer average 15 degrees Celsius
Winter average 2 degrees Celsius


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