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As a destinations go, Bowser is rural, oceanfront, a brisk driver from end to the other, however, it makes as a great day trip for sightseeing or a point from which visitors are central to more populated areas. It really is quaint, friendly and above all else peaceful. The sea and mild climate create wonderful opportunities to for couples or families to explore the shoreline, look for small critters that hide in the tidal pools along the sandy beach or try a brave dip during the hot summer sun.
There is something for everyone, especially if getting around the forests or waters is of interest. Visitors can get very creative. Bowser offers hiking, golf, horseback riding, cave spelunking, kayaking, and fishing.

Population: 131

Oceanside Activities
Hiking trails and local parks - Wildwood Park
Spider Lake - canoeing or kayaking
Rosewall Creek Provincial Park
Great local golf courses through out Lighthouse Country
Horn Lake Caves

Bowser was named after the former British Columbia premier William John Bowser (of 1915). Logging (forestry) became the communities mainstay along the coast line.
A local hotel during the 1930's became famous for the keepers mascot, a pooch named Mike, who would deliver patrons their beer to the tables in exchange for payment, and return to the manager with the sufficient change.

Summer average 18 degrees Celsius
Winter average 4 degrees Celsius


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