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Outside of the popular town of Williams Lake, adventurers will find themselves journeying to the outreaches of Puntzi Lake for first class fishing! Trout, rainbow or Kokanee, make good stock in these waters for travelers and locals alike throughout the year. Visitors may like to get their hands on ice-fishing for whitefish in the late winter.

Tours and hunting expeditions are suggested for first time outdoor travelers. Regulations and equipment are handled by local tour guides around both Chilanko Forks and Puntzi Lake. Bear, moose and mountain goat are prominent residents to the back woods, occasional roadside spotting, or hiking trails at higher elevations local parks and information bureau can provide particular warnings.

Puntzi Lake provides prime birdwatching with the seasonal migrations - white pelicans in the spring and trumpeter swans from autumn to first winter's freeze.

Population: 65

Ice fishing - whitefish in January
Puntzi Lake Fishing derby - last weekend in June (trout / kokanee)
Chilcotin Plateau - trails to Farwell Canyon from Puntzi Lake
Chilanko Marsh Wildlife Management Area - May through early September for good viewing of over 52 species of waterfowl and wildfowl, muskrat, beaver and moose.

Things To Bring:
Safety note: avoid any nests or nesting birds.

Chilanco Forks Post Office opened September 1st, 1907 and closed on July 31st, 1918. Chilanko Forks Post Office re-opened under the newly amended spelling of the community name October 3rd, 1963.

Summer average 22 degrees Celsius
Winter average -10 degrees Celsius


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