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Quantum Energy Healing, Wolfgang Zilker

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New: NES technology in Victoria on Vancouver Island

One Simple, Powerful System For Creating Total Wellness

Have you ever considered that in a state of total wellness, the body's cells and organs always know what to do, and do it perfectly? The latest science is revealing the mechanisms that allow the body's optimal functioning, and also what can cause it to lose resilience and efficacy, and to even malfunction.

All of the science, along with NES's extensive research and testing, has demonstrated that the root cause of malfunction - as well as the source of optimal functioning - exists beneath the physiology of the body. We must look to the physics underlying our biochemistry.

For this reason, scientists have identified 3 critical factors for health that must be addressed if we are to reclaim the body's total wellness and optimal functioning.

NES Health is the only system that addresses all three critical factors for human health and total wellness, allowing you to correct all aspects of the body: its information, energy and physiology.

While traditional healthcare has primarily focused on physiology, we are now seeing that energy and information control biology. In fact, frontier science proves that there is a regulating field of energy and information that operates in the physical body at the subcellular level. At NES Health, they call this the Human Body-Field (HBF), and they have researched its functions and structures for more than 30 years. In that time they have discovered that the root causes of physical problems are distortions and blockages in the body-field, which serves as a master control system for all physiological function.

The use of the NES ProVision, NES miHealth and NES Infoceuticals allow me to make an energetic assessment of the body to correct distortions and address the 3 critical factors for health in proper sequence, holistically restoring the body and its functioning back to optimal wellbeing.

By looking at and correcting all three aspects of the body - its energy, information and physiology - it's possible to reverse any downward spiral in a person's health and build momentum in an upward spiral towards total wellness.

If you are interested please contact me to arrange an energetic assessment and talk about the next steps to get your body's opperating system and information back to its optimal state.

Reiki sessions and classes for all levels

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality. It works very well for stress reduction, relaxation and supports the body's own healing capacity. Reiki means the "higher power life force energy", which is channeled by laying the practitioners hands on the client. It is absolutely safe and treats the whole person on all levels: body - mind - emotions - spirit


The ancient art of hypnosis is a powerful way to connect to the subconscious mind and work on the subconscious programming. Since we usually operate 95% of the day based on our subconscious programming and only 5% of the day from the conscious mind (Dr. Bruce Lipton), hypnosis is in my opinion the most effective way to correct any negative subconscious programming. The healing and resolution of trauma is also highly increased by combining the NES bioenergy treatment with hypnosis to access and correct old limiting beliefs and release past negative events.

Contact Quantum Energy Healing, Wolfgang Zilker

1402 Beatty Street, Victoria, V9A5L5, British Columbia
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