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Boundary Museum Society

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Sharing the Past with the Present for the Future.

Just over 1km off Highway 3, and less than 1km downhill from the Trans Canada Trail,our beautiful, well-maintained grounds are the perfect place for a picnic. This summer, we are happy to announce the addition of a shade shelter, which can be used for a quick snack or booked in advance for larger events. We invite you to bring your lunch and enjoy the wonderful, historic views of Grand Forks before stepping inside for a taste of Boundary history.

Grand Forks and area boasts a rich Doukhobor history. In addition to being situated in a historic Doukhobor building and housing many cultural artifacts, the Boundary Museum is proud to feature knowledgeable tour guides who are happy to discuss Doukhobor history and philosophy.
The Fructova Heritage Site was originally a school where Russian-speaking children would come to learn English. Today, the interactive School Room exhibit pays tribute to this piece of history.

In the school room, you can also learn about local wildlife. The Boundary Museum is proud to partner with the Granby Wilderness Society to teach you about the ongoing battle between the goldfish and endangered tiger salamanders at Saddle Lake before showing you how to safely shake a paw with a cougar or a grizzly bear.

The Hunter Kendrick Co. General Store is open for business at the Boundary Museum! With 1920's prices and top-of-the-line products, you are sure to find something interesting. If we don't have a certain item in stock, take a look at our Eaton's or Simpson's catalogues and we can try to bring it in for you. We also sell locally milled flour from the Heritage Flour Mill.

Mining, particularly work associated with the copper mines in the now ghost town of Phoenix, BC, drew many people to the Boundary area. While the city only existed for 19 years, some of the artifacts still live on here at the Boundary Museum.

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The Boundary Museum & Interpretive Centre is open
10 am - 4 pm, Tuesday through Saturday.
Or by appointment 250-442-3737.

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