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Judy M Watts (Rohanna)

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[Artists & Fine Art Artisans, Acrylic painting]
Balance and Rebirth - SOLD -

Acrylic, Stretched Canvas 20" x 24"
The Peacock is related to the Phoenix therefore Rebirth, Balance, protection, the blending of five colors in its feathers is a sweet blend of harmony, showing your true colors.
Emerging Heart

Acrylic, Stretched Canvas 20"x24"

The heart in relationship to unconditional love, the colors are of the higher spiritual vibration, reminding us to unite as one.
Beings of Light

Acrylic, Stretched Canvas 20"x24"

The unseen beings that surround us in our daily lives, those that guide and direct us, support us in everything we do.

Acrylic, stretched canvas 16"x20"

Peace, Love, Harmony, and Acceptance.
Animal Spirit Totems

Acrylic - canvasboard 24"x36"
$900.00 w/barnboard frame

Guides along our way...The horse - power, The Wolf -friendship, The Bear- Awakening the power of the unconsciousness, The Buffalo-manifesting Abundance through right action, The Mountain Goat - sure footedness, Bighorn Sheep - reaching new heights.

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