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Situated in the Boundary region, between the Okanagan valley and the West Kootenays, Greenwood provides all services of a big city but on a much smaller and casual basis. The drive-in-drive-through central city strip is reminiscent of an old western town with forested rolling hills in the back drop. Parts of the mining history remains as fascinating sites such as; smelter ruins and ghost towns. The city also has a mark in the movie industry. The city's historic City Hall was featured in the film Snow Falling on the Cedars which included actor Ethan Hawke.

The mild climate for the area around the city is perfect for a variety of outdoors activities; hiking, biking, festivals, and fishing! The abandoned Kettle Valley Railway also opens up the area to great snowshoeing and cross-country skiing during the winter season. The lands around the city are seasonally breath-taking; glimmering blue summer "fish-stocked" lakes, blooming spring time fields of wild flowers, and sprinkle coated winters polish everything with white snow to create prime tobogganing conditions.

Visitors looking for the romance of the arts, the arts community does provide several festivals, fairs, events and other local work is showcased at the city's gallery. The tea house, gift shops and bed-and-breakfasts all carry the simple charm of rural life and an elegant hand-touch.

Greenwood welcomes you to feel at home here!

Population: 660

Greenwood Museum
Walking Tour
Boundary Falls
Demolition Derby
Art shows and craft fairs
Founders Day celebrations
Lotzkar Memorial Park - the ruins of Greenwood’s industrial copper smelter
Annual Soapbox Derby
The Tunnel of Flags
Jewel Lake - great fishing
Big White Ski Resort - requires travel time
18 Hole Golf Course

Little history of any permanent First Nations residents is recorded in this region. Most known surround nomadic passage ways and cave marking in nearby communities indicated that the tribes that come to the area well in transit to either warmer more permanent areas or after migratory food sources.

If it had not been for the discovery of Copper-gold ore the area may never have blossomed. A prospector, Robert Wood, got wind of the areas possible new found wealth and set off to gain his fortune the late 1890's. Wood opened up a small store and more news spread until the area he had founded became a booming town of 2,000 by 1899. The peak of the mining era for this area, named Greenwood by Wood, was reached by 1910 and would dwindle by 1918, left nearly a ghost town.
However, at the time of World War II, when the largest movement of people in Canadian history occurred during 1942 the area became location for the displaced Japanese immigrants. The chance for reviving this small city did come thanks to this event.

Summer average 20 degrees Celsius
Winter average 0 degrees Celsius


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