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Mary Fox Pottery, Mary Fox

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Mary Fox Pottery Gallery

This is a small sampling of what you will see when you come to my gallery. You will also be able to look through my studio which is always full of new works in the making.

Chalice: I was first drawn to the chalice form as a young child in church. I usually daydreamed throughout the service, but when it got to the offering part I would find myself watching intently as the priest would hold the chalice up and reverently drink from it. It was large and silver, and when he was done he would lovingly clean and polish it as part of his ritual.
In my work with the chalice, I strive to create a flow of upward movement while at the same time retaining a sense of the interior energy of the vessel.
Crawl Glaze Bottle Vase:
Voluptuous, bursting forth, this vase encapsulates the oceans beauty. The white crawl glaze spilling out like foam on a wave.
Created 2006:Earthenware: Terra Sigillata, Crawl glaze, Oxidation
H: 21cm x W: 16cm. Photographer: Janet Dwyer
Aqueous Glory:
A favorite childhood pastime of mine was exploring tidal pools. Mesmerized by the rich diversity of life they contained, I would immerse myself in their mysterious world for hours. Aqueous Glory is my interpretation of one of those pools.
Created 2007: Earthenware: Lithium glazes, glass, multifired, Oxidation
H: 26cm x Diameter: 41cm x W: 30.5cm. Photographer: Janet Dwyer
Beauty of Form Enhanced:
One of my favorite stages in the creation process is when the pots are leather hard. Sumptuous and beautiful like the naked body they are full of life, raditating with a sheen and glow that is profound in its simplicity. But once a piece is bisque-fired, it seems to lose that feeling for me. Somewhat like a shell that has been deserted by its occupant, it waits for the next soul to enter and bring forth its latent vitality.
This is always the biggest of challenges, how to restore the life and enhance the beauty of the naked pot. Over the years I have focused on creating beautiful forms, with simple lines and subtle methods of glazing them.
Created 2005: Earthenware: Lithium compound, Oxidation
H: 22cm x W: 21cm. Photographer: Janet Dwyer

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