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Along the bench lands of the Fraser River in South Central British Columbia Lillooet opens up many opportunities for experienced outdoor adventurers and leisure hikers with fabulous mountain trails through pine and spruce forest.
Nearby waterways make sport fishing and angling a tremendously rewarding experience - abundant salmon, chinook, and trout are prime Lillooet daily catches.

There is plenty for the whole family with activity park areas such as the BMX track, the skateboard park, the stock car track, curling club, bowling alley and world-class indoor recreation for those occasionally not so pleasant days.

For visitors who wish to follow history and the towns of the old Gold Rush, Lillooet is the marker of Mile 0. Pursue your luck even today!

Visiting Lillooet there are two major access points by road - use routes via Hwy 12 connected with the Trans Canada Hwy and Hwy 99, which is one of the most scenic coastal routes!

Population: 2,700+

The Bridge of the 23 Camels
The Camel Barn (Log Cabin Theatre)
The Miyazaki Heritage House
The Old Suspension Bridge
Lillooet Museum
Chinese Rock Piles
Tyaughton Lake
View at Hangman's Tree
Jade Park & Jade Trail
Mile 0 Cairn - Mile 0 of the Cariboo Road
Mile '0' Riding Club

The earliest inhabitants on record are the Lil'wat First Nations people who still live in the region. Their lives are closely tide to the land and seasonal changes for the best times to hunt, fish and collect medicines.

During the mid-1800's excited explorers and prospectors combed the area and were on route to the far regions of the new province. By 1860 Lillooet (known then as
Cayoosh Flat) would be on its way to reaching its twenty year population peak of over 15,000. That same year it would be renamed Lillooet in the honour of the Lil'wat First Nations.

Summer average 23 degrees Celsius (often into the 30's)
Winter average 6 degrees Celsius (rarely snow)

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