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It is a hiker’s paradise: the North Thompson Valley area boasts hundreds of hiking trails, including those on the western slopes of Dunn Peak in Dunn Peak Provincial Park. The difficult and undeveloped 18-km hike leads past a sub-alpine lake to the base of Baldy Mountain. The trailhead is reached via the Dunn Lake Road.

The economy of Little Fort relies mainly on traditional businesses like farming (hay and cattle), forestry, fishing resorts, and guest ranches. Boosted by traffic on the Yellowhead Highway, Little Fort offers travellers a restaurant, a cafe and pub, hotel, campground, gas station, general store, craft store and a fishing tackle shop. Little Fort is located west of the Thompson River on the Yellowhead Highway 5, at the junction with Highway 24, between Barriere and Clearwater.

Population: 350

Often called the Fishing Highway, the scenic Highway 24 west of Little Fort winds through the Inter-lakes district, where virtually every branch off the road leads to a great fishing spot. Here, visitors will find fabulous fly-fishing with hundreds of lakes in the lower and higher elevations, and several pristine rivers including the Canim, Mahood, Clearwater, Adams and the Raft River. The area is rich in rainbow trout, burbot, eastern brook trout, lake trout, and kokanee. Larger lakes along the highway include Sheridan Lake, Bridge Lake and Lac des Roches.

Visitors shouldn't miss the opportunity to do a white water rafting trip, one of the most exhilarating of outdoor activities, or an easygoing paddling tour on the North Thompson River. If you have several days, why not let yourself be gently taken downstream by the currents all the way to Kamloops?


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