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The scenery is mesmerizing. Visitors can often spot harbour seals, loons, cormorants, bald eagles, gulls and orca. The lighthouse at Georgina Point, which is now a part of the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, is the best look-out point on Mayne Island. There are 14 beach accesses. The beaches are peaceful and are never over run. You can plan swimming at Piggott Bay, Bennett Bay or Campbell. If you want to explore tidal pools try Oyster Bay, Naylor road, Reef Bay or access off Seaview road. The active salmon fishing is a highlight for sports fishermen, who enjoy a bountiful catch!

In honour of the Japanese early residents, the Japanese Gardens are a superbly unique garden completely developed and maintained by local residents. If visiting over the winter holidays be sure to take advantage of the light display, which is free of charge.

Population: 900

Japanese Gardens at Dinner Bay Park
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The benefit of Mayne Island to the earlier miners was that Mayne made a great resting stop when paddling between Vancouver Island and Mainland British Columbia in the late 1800’s. The few settlers that developed Mayne Island built boating access and lighthouses to assist vessels during the crossing. There are various historical buildings on the island that date back to 1880 or earlier.

Summer average 18 degrees Celsius
Winter average 5 degrees Celsius


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