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Historic hotels operate in several different ways to still support the cities local hospitality and tourism. The time goes at a slightly slower pace in Merritt, but the rich spirit of its heritage and music legends can be felt everywhere.

Outside of the center of town, Merritt sprinkled in farmlands, ranches, marshes, sagebrush, rivers and lakes. For sports the forested areas are great for hunting or hiking trails. Guides are advised for the less experienced woodsman/woman. The water ways in and around Merritt are great for camping in the great outdoors, finding the perfect spot for angling or a leisure swim. For a more organized routine sport many prefer a relaxed game of golf, Merritt has its own country club of nine holes.

One of the largest Country Music Festivals is held in Merritt each year in July. Thousands of enthusiasts and music fans flock here for the one time event. Merritt has hosted this event for over fifteen years and brings big name entertainers from all across North America!

Merritt is located approximately three hours northeast out of Vancouver, 271 kilometers.

Population: 8,000+

Merritt Mountain Music Festival - July
Annual Fall Fair and Rodeo - Labour Day weekend
Douglas Lake Ranch
Nicola Ranch
Aquatic Centre
Nicola Valley Memorial Arena
Coldwater River
Spius Creek Fish Hatchery
Snowmobile Destinations: Henning Mountain, Thynne Mountain and Swakum Mountain

Several First Nations bands used the area around Merritt (as we know it to be called today). Many were semi-nomadic, moving on with the changing seasons or hunting the area's food migratory food sources, especially the abundant rivers and lake fish stocks.

The area became a transport route for early fur traders and European pioneers of the early 1800's. Later settlers were drawn to start up ranches and farming on the open grassland and low terrain.

Eventually a man by the name of William Henry Voght in 1872, was the first official settler. The railway soon after gained the town access to the rest of the country. The major industries which sprang up were; coal mining, farming, and forestry. Today, ranches are an important part of the local economy.

Summer average 22 degrees Celsius
Winter average -5 degrees Celsius


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