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Photo: Peter Reid
Traipsing by foot or by horse around this phenomenal landscape there is a rush of grandness that is almost indescribable. Pure air on the top of the world, bright white mountain peaks and then the enormous Mt. Robson itself standing majestically, towering the rest.

However, if typically you are not an athletic Zeus seeking the big challenges, why not go by helicopter to get a birds eye view few ever see? Other visitors enjoy the birdwatching, field meadows, lakes, and rivers that surround the lower landscape. Kayaking or canoeing the somber lakes with the tranquil sounds of nature and light whispering wind are spellbinding.

Visitors will find helpful supplies at the seasonal grocery shop and gas station on the western entry, which run the mid-year summer months. Plus visitors can gather directions, registration, and guide information at the Mount Robson's visitors information center.

Park Fees:
Robson Meadows & Robson River Vehicle Accessible Camping Fee: $17 per group / night.
Lucerne camping fee: $13 per person / night, Jasper side of park.
Backcountry Camping Fee: $5 per person / night

Berg Glacier
Berg Lake Trail
Robson River
Moose Lake
Yellowhead Lake
Whitney Lake
Big Game Wildlife

Things To Bring:
Visitors entering from Jasper, Alberta must register with Mount Robson park officials. Inform yourself of all necessary supplies and hiking routes through park services. Always inform them of your itinerary when hiking the backcountry.

Texqakallt First Nation aboriginal long called the giant mountain peak Yuh-hai-has-kun, "The Mountain of the Spiral Road". Their people are the mountain's ancestors dating back thousands of years.

White European settlers did not arrive in the area until the late 1800's and was the established as the second Provincial Park of BC in 1913.

Summer average 15 degrees Celsius (varies depending on altitude)
Winter average -10 degrees Celsius (varies depending on altitude)


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