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Newsletter March 2012

Thursday Mar 22, 2012

Okay, so Spring in BC is off to a slow start. That’s a benefit to the ski mountains, but a little worrisome if you’re counting on sunshine to kickstart your business. But it will come - it always does. So let’s get ready:

Good News In the News...
“Despite the lackluster economy, data from American Express shows U.S. consumers are planning to spend 11 percent more on vacations in 2012 than last year.” Now that’s good news! And how are they planning to spend their vacation budget?

The same article on Reuter’s reminds us that “Destination is not the only driving force in the travel industry”; instead, “Travel experts say vacationers are increasingly matching their interests and passions, whether it is cooking, yoga, wine-making, culture or a longing for adventure, with the places they decide to visit.”

You can read the article at this link

What are you offering that people are passionate about? What does your area or community offer that inspires people to dream? What aspect of your business are you passionate about? Be sure to show it, say it, display it in all your promotions. Why not start by reviewing your GoBC profile?

Specials, packages, events...

Are you planning any special treats for Easter? Perhaps a season opening package? Be sure to enter these into your GoBC profile. We are promoting to specials and packages through social media. If you’re connected with us on Facebook or Twitter, we love to share your offers, events and even quirky information and more with our friends and followers.

Studio Tours: mapping tools, artists’ portfolios, and more
Psst...pass it on! GoBC offers much more than just an events calendar to studio tour organizers.

The dates are set and artists are busy organizing their spring and summer studio tours and other events. If you haven’t checked out GoBC’s event calendar and tools for studio tours, now is the time. We even have a mapping tool that allows you to post the locations of participating artists for use on GoBC and in your other promotions, electronically or in print!

Reminder: Post your Videos to GoBC
Make the most of your resources: If you’ve invested in a promotional video, be sure to post it to your GoBC listing. Just send us the video embed code and we will add it to your listing. Don’t hesitate to call us if you need help.

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