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Newsletter December 2013

Tuesday Dec 03, 2013

Thank you, long-time members:
As we are nearing the end of another busy, exciting year, we wanted to make a point of acknowledging our long-time GoBC members. Thank you for staying with us year after year - your presence makes GoBC a relevant, consistent, informative and continuously well-visited travel resource.

Welcome, new members:
Thank you also to our newer members as you are adding exciting new choices and information to GoBC while benefiting from GoBC’s well-established web-presence. We’re so glad you came on board.

Listing Support
We never tire of working with our members and helping them make the most of the multi-faceted platform GoBC provides.  We are available and happy to help you with listing updates or additions, your images and videos, adding seasonal specials and packages, or activating your availability calendar.
We want your listing to work for you. Please e-mail or call us anytime!

Updating travel and tourism information for your community:
We want to keep GoBC current. Please let us know if you see an opportunity to add, improve or update information about your area or community.  We appreciate your input!

Event listings - there’s more to it than meets the eye:
Please keep posting events, shows, performances in your communities on GoBC. Not only will the events make your community even more inviting; in addition, a link from GoBC to the event website will boost the site’s visibility in the search engines.

How? Links from credible sources improve a website’s search engine visibility - yours too. Why not post event information on your own website, then submit a free GoBC event with a link back to your website? You are now promoting the event, bringing traffic to your website and giving your url a boost in the search engines. It’s time well spent!
Add events directly in your member area under “Edit Events” or simply follow this link:

Stay tuned for our new GoBC design and exciting new features in early 2014 and again, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help, have questions or suggestions for us.

Best wishes for the fall/winter season!

With kind regards,

Your GoBC Team