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James Morrow Design, James Morrow

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[Artists & Fine Art Artisans, Clothing designer, Jewellery, Mosaic, Sculpting]
mosaic pendant inlaid with turquoise, gold and ammolite. $75
Woolly mammoth tusk pendant Celtic cross $85.00
James Morrow Design solid carved pendant with lapis lazuli
Mosaic pendants inlaid with semi precious stones and gold.
James Morrow Jewelery designs are unique hand-made styles. This ivory is from the remains of the ancient woolly mammoth elephant. The tusks used are estimated to be over ten thousand years old.
Jewelery is inlaid with precious and semi precious gemstones and other exotic elements. Each piece is polished to perfection to protect and enhance, ensuring many years of enjoyment to wearer and viewer alike. Not mass-produced,
No sweatshop, No slave or child labor.
Rare mammoth tusks like these have been unearthed in the Old Crow River area of the Yukon. Tusks with little or no damage are extremely hard to come by. Most are damaged by the gold mining equipment. At this age you can expect the nice array of textures and colours. Nova Scotia born James Morrow has been crafting jewelery and other items using mammoth tusk ivory exclusively. Practicing new and innovative techniques for well over twenty-five years.
See James in the summer months on the Inner Harbour below the Empress Hotel

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