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Judith Hale

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[Artists & Fine Art Artisans, Pottery]
Hand built porcelain vessel; raw edge pierced, carved with oxides, translucent interior, fired cone 6 oxidation.
Hand built porcelain leaf tray. Carved and altered. Fired to cone 10 reduction
handbill small porcelain bowls. Carved and pierced raw edges with oxides and interior translucent glaze. Fired cone 6 oxidation.
large handbill porcelain tray, pierced and carved raw edges with oxides. translucent interior glaze. fired cone 6 oxidation.
hand built porcelain bowl, pierced, carved and altered with raw edge and oxide. interior translucent glaze. fired cone 6 oxidation

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1481 Finlayson Place , Victoria, V8T 2V8, British Columbia

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