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Miekelily Glass, Mieke Lily van Orden

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[Artists & Fine Art Artisans, Beading, Ceramics, Glass art, Jewellery, Pottery, Stained Glass]
. The Gallowaâ Hills
This dish was inspired by the rich green rolling hills of Galloway on the south west coast of Scotland where I was born and raised.
8x3.5 Inches
Fused float glass and powders, deep engraved and carved
Growing sinuous lines and bursts of color represent my growing life as an artist and my never ending love for color; made in my first year of university and is still one of my most beloved windows.
Fused glass panels, antique colored sheet glass, lead, solder, wooden frame
4.6x2.8 Feet
Timeless Teardrops
Hand crafted fine art jewelry, each work uniquely made for the individual
6x3 Inches
Lamp worked soft glass, sterling silver wire, antique cut crystal beads
Blow on Me
This art installation is to be blown upon, so the moths and butterflies flutter by and make the audience become a part of the art, so it is no longer a static wall piece but a fun interactive work of art.
11x8 Feet
Acid etched copper plate prints individually hand cut and pasted to the wall
Actias Luna
Screen printed fused glass moth, one of many made for large scale out door art installation.
4.5x2.8 Inches
Float glass, Black printing ink for glass

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1241 Balmoral Road, Victoria, V8T 1B2, British Columbia

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