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Robin Kirkpatrick

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The Straight

30"x48" Acrylic on Canvas, Sept 2016
Robin Kirkpatrick, Oak Bay, BC

This bright piece adds vibrancy to any room. It contrasts the foggy well traveled straight with the sharply detailed foreground.

The inspiration for the piece was the power of the serene calm and vivid foreground witnessed on the beach.

Me Time

11" x 14" Oil on Canvas, 2021
Robin Kirkpatrick, Oak Bay BC

In our busy lives taking out a little time to relax and enjoy the things you enjoy is a great way to recharge and reflect. This still life painting is devoted to that idea (regardless of whether your passion is meditation, a run or loosing yourself in a movie)
Canadian Author Margaret Atwood's books A Blind Assassin and The year of the Flood are featured in the work.


70 cm x 90 cm Acrylic Canvas Collage , 2012

Robin Kirkpatrick, Victoria BC

This work was created from one single rectangle of canvas. It is a very a lively and moving piece but at its core is purely Notan in nature. Complex yet very simple... equally black and white... active both in and out

Inspiring Sole" - Right Shoe

16x20 Oil on Canvas, 2010
Robin Kirkpatrick, Victoria BC

Ahh, running, jogging, or just plain walking... This work is a salute to those nasty running shoes that sit by the door patiently but incessantly reminding you about that date with good health you have neglected to keep....

Yes, both shoes were painted.
Ode to Vermeer "Girl with the Pearl Earring"

27 x 35 cm Oil on Canvas board, 2021
Robin Kirkpatrick, Victoria BC

Vermeer is one of the worlds most recognizable and renowned artists of the 1600's. Unravelling the complexities of his masterful 1665 work was extremely challenging and very rewarding. While owning an 'original' priceless masterpiece is beyond the means of most of us, I am very proud to have this work in my collection.

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