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Swept From The Sea Designs

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Sterling Silver Seaglass Jewellery - Olive Green Recycle Pendant
Sterling Silver Seaglass Jewellery - Turquoise Nautilus Seashell Ankle Bracelet
Sterling Silver Seaglass Jewellery - Lavender Pendant

Why I Love Lavender Seaglass...
Most lavender sea glass was made prior to WWI (1890-1920). After this time the supply of manganese wasn't available from Germany. The manganese dioxide was used as a de-colorizing agent. Manganese covers the green and blue hues found in glass due to the iron particles found in the sand component. It accomplishes this by containing the opposite colors... purple, red, and yellow. Therefore, at the time of production the glass was clear but over long time exposure to the sun's ultraviolet light it has turned lavender.
Sterling Silver Seaglass Jewellery - Cobalt Blue Hoop Earrings
Sterling Silver Sea Glass Jewellery - Rain Drop Necklace

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