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Artful Lodger Rabi'a art, Rabi'a Gonzalez

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My latest passion is mosaics - colour, colour, colour! Again, this changed my life - enough to send me to Barcelona to see the work of a master of mosaics, the late Anthony Gaudi. Now nothing is safe from my lusting eye - rocks, walls, rusty bits of metal, dishes, tiles, ploughshares, mirrors, windows, bowls and pots, even the kitchen sink.

Most of my materials are recycled, including glass, tiles and broken bottles from the dumpster. Oh, the joys of roaming the valley creek beds for river rocks with a natural perfection that sends my heart beating faster, or visiting the local scrap metal dump for treasures.
Scrounging is a fun part of the process. My sculptural mosaic pieces are happy to be out in gardens and weather. They show up beautifully in the changing natural light during the day. The pieces also love to be indoors. As all the beginnings of my mosaics are dictated by the whims of the universe, what kind and shape of rocks I find, what rusty bit of industrial metal catches my eye, every piece is delightfully unique, never to be repeated.
Farm implement, disker - stands 36"
Enamel sink

5" X 12" windows set in straw bale wall in the home of Carl Schlichting


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