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Felix Possak, multi-instrumentalist

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The Felix Possak Show
Lively Music, Comedy and Audience Participation.
Fun, fun, fun! is the motto of this presentation with Felix drawing from an incredibly wide repertoire of folk songs from around the world.
Experience the musical variety, the hilarity of one-liners and jokes, the joining of the audience in fun and game songs - all these are components of The Felix Possak Show.
The harp guitar is a fascinating instrument. In addition to the regular neck with six strings it has nine additional bass strings on a second neck. That gives it the range of a double bass and a guitar in one instrument.
The Russian balalaika has three strings, two of which are tuned in unison. It has a beautiful sound, similar to that of a mandolin.
Old time music comes alive with the sounds of the Appalachian dulcimer.
There's nothing as stirring as the sound of a Greek bouzouki. It just makes you want to get up and dance. Oppa!

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