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Tuesday Feb 04, 2014
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Videos in your GoBC Listings
Videos are a great way to communicate with your audiences. Equally effective for promoting adventurous activities or for conveying serenity, silence, beauty, a video speaks louder than words, or even images.

But – they are only effective if they are viewed. Now you can post your video directly on your GoBC listing, just like you post it on your website and social media sites. Just send us the video embed code and we will add it to your listing. Please contact us if you have questions.

As soon as your video is posted with your listing we'll tell our Facebook or Twitter followers, too.

While you're logged in to your listing, please make sure all your information is up to date, including contact information and yes, your rates. And don't forget to post your specials. That way, our site visitors will become your customers!

Studio Tours, Galleries, Workshops and Events
Thank you for your help in inviting both for-profit and not-for-profit art galleries to take advantage of our offer of free listings on GoBC. It all helps to make your community even more interesting and attractive. With spring on the horizon (well, almost) we're already thinking about studio tours again. Please be sure to tell artists in your community about GoBC, especially if they are organizing events that will interest visitors.

Or - simply post an event yourself - your own or an upcoming event in your community. It only takes a moment. Go to the bottom of our events page or even better post it directly in your member area under “Edit Events” (and I bet next thing you know, you'll be perusing the events to find out what's happening all over BC!).