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Stacy Studio, Ron Stacy

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“I Shall Take These Stones…”
18” x 24” Acrylic on Canvas
Raven, the Trickster, Creator, Transformer, most human and god-like of creatures, is looking to preserve the land from the ravages of the powerful action of the ocean, which seeks to pull all the land back under its protective blanket of cold dark water. Raven prefers the dry land where the sun brings brings warmth and feeds the many life forms found there. He plans to ring the land with large stones to break the incessant waves the ocean brings to bear.

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24” x 36” Acrylic on Canvas
Raven ends his search for the globe of enlightenment and enters the world of discovery. He is pleased, but at the same time confused and worried by the awareness that his life has changed, irrevocably and forever. No longer will he be able to profess ignorance or the inability to deal with any problem that may arise. He may not perform well, but he must now accept the responsibility that intelligence brings.

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"Fireside Chronicler"
20” x 16” Acrylic on Canvas
Raven is an entertainer at heart, so he keeps his audience thrilled with his improbable tales of adventure and daring. They may not be completely true, but his is the lie that brings truth to his listeners. His stories encompass all the lessons that are needed to thread one's way through life, with all its twists and turns.

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18" x 11" Acrylic on Canvas
Having moved to Summerland, in the semi-arid Okanagan Valley, BC, I re-discovered these clay banks that were created by the huge lake left behind from the glaciers that covered the continent eons ago. Fascinating! I need to paint them time and again until I own them in my mind. This is one of the first of many.

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"Green Glass and Grapes"
16” x 20” Oil on Canvas
I also enjoy painting still life. Every painting has a new set of problems to solve, which opens up opportunities to learn new things, even if you're painting things that you've painted before, There are new ways to see them, new ways to represent them and new moods to create. Paintings can have profound messages, be rife with symbolic meaning or they can be decorative. There is always a lesson to be learned when creating a painting. The trick is to recognize that lesson. In the end, artists must paint; simple as that.

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14417 Biagioni Ave. Summerland BC
Turn EAST at ROSEDALE - HWY 97 lights, then first right is Biagioni where we are.