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Tom Godin

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At the beginning of February I was engaged to do a three day house-sit. Knowing that the surrounding area was very beautiful in winter I set myself the challenge of painting 3 paintings outdoors (plein air) during that time.

The sun shone on Feb 1 and I set my easel up on a snowmobile trail in a field. The easel sank down in the snow and I had to stand in a hunch-backed position to work the canvas. The second day, a low fog moved in, turning everything a rose and pewter colour. The third day was fog again and everything was quite monochromatic. Before I was finished the third painting a light snow started falling, causing drizzles of paint to run down the canvas. But I had done it! Three plein air paintings in three days.

All three paintings were done in acrylic on 16 by 20 canvases.
February 1st
February 2nd
February 3rd

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