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Visitors can pick a favorite activity for the outdoors which involves a paddle, wet suit, swimsuit, hiking boots, binoculars or a fishing reel and they will find days full of fun and pleasure of the coastal bays, inlets and parks offered in and around Bamfield. It takes very little creativity to get inspired here. The fresh air, great day light, and mild weather are perfect conditions for getting outdoors and experiencing wilderness and wildlife of British Columbia's coast also calls for a camera! The tides bring all sorts of sealife, sea lions, harbour seals, and terrific salmon fishing. Eagles, seagulls, kingfishers, and a wide variety of foul make their home here - birdwatchers will be extremely pleased!
The more popular adventures in Bamfield are certainly hiking "the Pacific Rim National Park", the whale watching tours of the famous British Columbia coastal pods of Orca, and the rewarding salmon fishing charters. Bamfield has also gained a reputation as a world class diving destination.
The community is made up of two distinct parts the add originality to the inlets heart - the boardwalk the joins the houses and docks lining its shores and the business center full of shops, galleries, eateries, and well stocked supply stores. The residents are an eclectic group of marine biologists, business owners, fishermen, tour operators, hospitality services, and artists.
The artist communtiy here is thriving. The council supports events throughout the year and there is many ways to experience the arts inspired lifestyle; either through visiting the studios and galleries or attending a local workshop.
Whatever it is visitors like to do here in Bamfield it will most certainly involve getting their hands on a piece of the secluded pleasures Vancouver Island and Bamfield are famous for!

Population: 200+

Brady's Beach
Traditional First Nation Totems
Fishing Charters
Pristine Beaches
Wilderness Camping
Yacht, Sailboat, Fishing Vessel Marina
Festivals: Kayak Festival September 16th - 23rd, Mushroom Festival October 21st - 22nd, Bamfield Arts Council Days of the Arts July 22nd - 23rd, Music by the Sea Concerts July 21st - 23rd:
Music-by-the-Sea concerts, Bamfield Volunteer Fire Department
Inter-tidal Golf/Salmon BBQ/Dance July 15th.
Cape Beale Lighthouse
Broken Group Islands - great sea-life viewing - porpoise and whales.
Storm Watching in the Fall - late Winter.

The west coast was populated by various First Nations aboriginals for centuries prior to the development townships by white explorers. In, Bamfield the First Nations members were of the Huu-ay-aht. Fishing, hunting and totem (pole)traditions of their lively hood are still evident here. Their numbers ranged within an estimated 4,500 during the height of their population.

When the white tradesmen and explorers arrived in the late 1800's, the area now known as Bamfield was a buzz as a fur trading post and fishing community. The community continued to evolve with the development of the fishing industry.

Today, the Bamfield Marine Station offers new kind of industry from the ocean, one that comes to life with understanding of it on a sustainable and educational level.

Note: Visitors may be interested to know that they can stay at a local campground run today by the Huu-ay-aht - visit the Pachena Bay Campground.

Summer average 18 degrees Celsius
Winter average 3 degrees Celsius

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Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, Bamfield

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